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In a recent post you said -

The next day I place a rag at each plug hole, using the welled plug holes is better, and crank the engine over about 10 beats. The rags contain the mess, and there will be a black goo ball mess.

Re-install the plugs and go ride. I ride then till my last day out and then pull the same plugs and fog the engine's combustion chambers, crank the bike with rags again and fog again, leaving the plugs in but loose and no wires on them, so I can't forget in Spring.

What is the "welled plug"?

What is "fog the engine"?



Each clyinder has on near to the edge plug and one deep in a well. The rag fits best in the deep well, because a rag can stay there better, when you crank the engine over to simply blow out foulings. because a plug is out there is no compression, but the rags will want to blow away.

As such I use my right knee and my left hand while seated and cracking a few beats. The cranking is so the cylinders won't be flooded.

Engine fog is a brand name product a inside the engine spray a lot like chain saw oil, bike chain oil, a sticky oil, in a rattle can, which takes forever and a day to dry, so is a good lube/rust preventer, and can be used on chrome, not paint to seal and prevent rust.

It is humid in winter in NH untill it gets to be +10 or colder. The point of fogging is to coat the intake, combustion chambers, exhaust up the tail pipes and a rag to prevent fog from getting out and rodents from getting in, and etc.

I wax the paint on a clean bike and leave it there to sit all winter long.

It can be colder than -40 here, and the bike stays in a enclosed trailer then. The seats of vinal don't like that and so I bring them in and the battery to be in apx 50 degrees in the cellar.

The battery stays on the same charger it's on now as I type to you, just in the cellar. I vent the trailer as best i can and it has a hi and lo vent too, but never the less I check on it making water and make water it does.

It makes water on the outside I can see and it makes water on the inside I can not see, but I know it does. So I do what i can to prevent it, and deal with that in Spring.

I put the bike away clean but waxed, and with new oil no more than 200 hundred miles on the oil. The first Spring ride I run that fuel way down low and add more all in a ride to heat the trapped water in the oil, and let that steam be drawn in again at the intake to the combustion chamers and blow out the tail pipes in a long and i hope hot enough ride to get the job done.

It should since engine oil runs up around 575'F which should be plenty to cook off water in the oil in a few hours.

Less typos and spelling do you learn from me ok? Do I make it so you can understand? just asking. Never be afraid to tell me what you think, and never fear asking a dumb question.

There is no dumb question, and if you don't understand something it's my fault.


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