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Dobeck TFI Installation

I've included pictures of the installation to help those on the fence decide if they want to do the mod and a simple guide for those who will be doing it.

The first pic is of the package with the model number and price. KawaNOW members will get 5% off of the retail price of $191.95. It came to $182.36 with free shipping from Custom Dynamics. The FI-2050ST is the plug and play version for year models 2002-2008.

I didn't completely remove the tank due to time constraints. I'm working nights and started this project after waking up at noon. Lifting the rear of the tank gives you plenty of room to work but removing the tank presents the opportunity to check hose clamp torque and to change your antifreeze at the same time if you wish to do so. Otherwise, shim under the sidestand with two pieces of 2x4 laid flat and block up the frame on the right side to prevent dumping the bike over. Remove the seats, remove the left side cover, disconnect the negative battery lead, remove the speedo shroud and the 3 bolts holding the tank down. Disconnect the 3 pin and 2 pin plugs over the battery shown in the picture below. This allows you to lift the rear of the tank higher without stressing those connections and leads.

Lift the rear of the tank and block it up with a piece of 2x4 as shown in the two pictures below.

Remove the two front bolts holding the left side compartment to the frame and loosen the same rear bolt. This will make it much easier to thread the leads and connections around the other harnesses behind that hole in the side compartment. Run the leads up along the left side of the frame all the way to the injectors. Give yourself enough slack to prevent binding the leads and connectors.

I disconnected the front jug injector connector first and used the longer lead on the TFI harness on this injector. There is a little clip you need to spring before pulling the gray connector off of the light blue injector connection. Mine was located on the rear of the front injector connector and the front of the rear injector connector. Squeeze the top of the connector where the wires exit and you will see and feel the clip pivot. The connector then slides off very easily. Don't force it. If it doesn't come off pretty easy the clip is holding the plug on. Make both connections on one injector at a time to prevent inadvertently crossing the leads. Connect the leads on the other and then neatly tuck the leads between the engine and the upper frame member all the way back.

Install and tighten the side compartment bolts. Zip tie the remaining slack of the ground wire and harness together and tuck them behind and to the rear of the TFI. Lower the tank being carefull not to kink the fuel line over the left side air breather dog dish. Check the wiring and hose at the rear of the tank to be sure nothing is pinched or kinked. Install the tank bolts and the 2 and 3 pin plugs over the battery. Install the speedo shroud and connect the TFI ground cable and the negative battery cable.

Remove the rectangular rubber cover on the TFI and adjust the 4th (last) pot to the 9 o'clock position. Start the engine and the green 1st pot led should be lit. Allow the engine to fully warm up and pull your cold start (fast idle) knob all the way out. If you have a tach, bring the rpm's up to ~ 2,000. Slowly adjust the 1st pot clockwise and listen to the idle speed pick up. Continue turning it slowly clockwise until the idle speed begins to decrease. Turn it counter clockwise until the idle speed reaches max again. My sweet spot is around 3 o'clock. Other bikes may differ depending on existing exhaust and intake mods and elevation differences. I set the 2nd pot at the recommended 3 o'clock, the 3rd pot at 1 o'clock (off) and the 4th was set at 9 o'clock previous to starting the bike. If you leave the 4th pot at 1 o'clock (off) and start the engine, the green LED above the 1st pot will not illuminate. The rest is fine tuning to your satisfaction. Good luck.

Below is the link that will bring you to the Custom Dynamics website where the different TFI models are listed. ki_

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