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Old 02-17-2018, 07:36 AM   #16
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Sounds like a great opportunity to pick up a great bike. I had an 11 Nomad for three years (48k miles). This was before Ivan's cure for the 1700 was available. Man, do I wish it had been! :)
Run a good 10w40 in it, and enjoy the heck out of that ride! In the three years the Nomad was in the stable, she never gave me any problems. Save a new battery, it was a wash-n-ride bike.
Ride safe,
You only get one, so "Make it the best day ever!"
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It just seems to me that the HLA issue is being discussed more on the 1700 motor than I remember it being discussed on the 1500/1600's over the 10 years I have been on the forum. Maybe I am wrong.
Can Not speak for many 1600s but the 1500s They all did it so what was there to compare it to. They all sounded the same, Noisy as hell and rattled. Now we have mostly quiet ones and just a few rattlers. I think this is why the conversation about it has increased.
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